Sightseeing Italy. 25 best places to visit

24. Trulli of Alberobello

Bizarre limestone houses with gray roofs in the form of a cone, constructed without the use of cement and carefully retushiruemym each year dot the province of Bari and Taranto.

This place is not as well known as other more famous attractions in Italy, but, nevertheless, this amazing white town worth visiting. I suggest you also read about alternative cities of Italy, who undeservedly neglected by tourists.



Trullo, Italy. Trullo, pl Trulli, Trulli — traditional houses, erected by drywall, with a conical roof, with prehistoric prototypes. Distributed in the central and southern Italian region of Puglia. The oldest of the surviving trulli were built in the XVI century in the area of Plateau Murgia in Puglia.
Trullo of Alberobello have been ranked by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The design of the house is that it was enough to take out a stone roof — and it was falling apart. The reason for this — a ban on building in the area, but local authorities unofficially allowed construction, but with the condition of the structure in the event of rapid disassembly of the visit of inspection officials.
Trullo walls are very thick — it provides coolness in hot weather and insulation against the cold in winter. The house is two-story, rise up — a ladder. The vast majority of Trullo one room under each conical roof. Large trullo house has several roof-cones, under each of which is a separate room is available.