10 car insurance myths busted

9. I can insure a vehicle with more than one insurer


You should only insure your car with a single insurer. Some companies might allow you to cover a vehicle temporarily that is insured under another policy, but this is usually only allowed if the permanent insurer will not cover the driver of the vehicle, for example when the permanent policy stipulates that all drivers must be over 25.

Occasionally, there is a circumstance where more than one insurer is covering the same car. Insurers in the main will try and avoid this situation occurring as it causes questions as to who is responsible for dealing with a claim

10. I don’t need to tell my car insurer about convictions or claims that occurred while driving my motorbike/van/lorry



Every insurer is different, but most will expect you to disclose all motoring convictions to them, no matter what vehicle you were driving at the time.

It is always the best to disclose all information to your insurer, no matter if you feel it might be irrelevant or even if your previous insurer did not wish to know about it. The simple fact is that all insurers are different and apply different criteria to what they feel is relevant or not.

Brian Martin, managing director of Elephant.co.uk, adds that while these 10 basic misunderstandings do occur it is always worth checking with your own insurer: ‘While all our advice is correct for most insurers, there will be differences from policy to policy,’ he said. ‘You should read your policy book or call your own insurer to make sure you have the right cover or to check you are not in breach of any terms and conditions’
Resource: telegraph.co.uk