Top 10 richest people in history by Time magazine

The American weekly Time magazine has compiled a list of ten of the richest and most influential people of all times and nations.

1. Mansa Musa

The rich man edition recognized ruler of the medieval state of Mali Mansu Musa. According to the professor of the American College Ferrum Richard Smith’s history, during the reign of Musa state it was the largest producer of gold, so his wealth is impossible to calculate precisely.



Some idea of the size of the state of Musa can be obtained through the description of its famous pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca, which he made in 1324. Ruler, who was riding on horseback, accompanied, according to various estimates from 60 thousand. (Chronicle “Tarikh al-Sudan”) to 80 thousand. (In the chronicle “Tarikh al-Fattash”) people.

His march through Cairo, camel caravans and a string of slaves, the extravagance of the king and the surrounding luxury glorify the monarch. The costs of the embassy courtyard were so huge that it caused the currency crisis in Egypt, due to the influx of gold maliyskoogo, the local precious metal significantly depreciated.

In addition, there are historical sources mention that Musa’s army consisted of 200 thousand people, including 40 thousand archers – this amount is very significant, even for today’s superpowers. Save the image of Moses, which he holds out the golden scepter, seated on a throne of gold, with a golden cup in her hand and a gold crown on his head.