The genius of Steve Jobs and the villain

February 24, 1955, Steve Jobs was born – a man whose name today knows, probably, everyone. And not only because of his services in the IT and promote the corporation Apple. Tales of the tyrannical character of this man is no less than a genius. remembered quirks and antics Jobs.

1. Cars without license plates

On the silver Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Jobs did not have license plates. How, you ask? He carefully analyzed the traffic rules in force in California, and found that the owner of a new car is obliged to attach to it the license plates for 6 months from date of purchase. Then Jobs agreed with the leasing company, and every six months changed his Mercedes at exactly the same new.

Jobs drove without license plates and was parked on the ground for people with disabilities
And the reason for this is quite a fad in the style of Steve Jobs: he believed that the font license plates ugly. By the way, Steve could safely occupy a parking space for the disabled near the Apple office.

2. Clothing as uniforms

Day by wearing the same day one of the richest people in the world: blue jeans, Levi’s, New Balance sneakers and a black turtleneck. According to one version, he did so in order not to waste time on the choice of clothes.

In the wardrobe Jobs were not only black turtleneck, and white
However, Jobs was more flexible than commonly believed. Where his work uniform was clearly inappropriate, he appeared dressed, as befits. For 2001 MacWorld Expo in Tokyo, he was seen in a black suit and put on a tux at the Oscars.

3. The Devil in the details

Jobs was a perfectionist. If something was carried out without his personal consent, he was ruthless – he could even stop the work, approved by it initially.

Known story when Steve did not like the headlines on the command line of the first Macintosh, it forced developers to come up with another option for others. When employees objected that there are better things to do, Jobs was furious: “Can you imagine what it is to look at the misery of every day! This is not just a breeze! This is what we need to do perfectly well. ”

4. Eight years on the selection of furniture

Jobs has always been difficult to arrange their own housing. More bachelor, he lived in a house with a mattress, a table and a couple of chairs. And even when he had a family, little has changed. “Eight years, we discussed our future furniture in theory – tells his wife Lauren Powell Jobs. – For example, Steve a long time wondering why you need a bed. ”

Tools and machines in his NeXT factory repainted many times. As a result, there are white walls, black leather chairs for 20 thousand dollars. And custom staircase.

At the initiative of the equipment Jobs on the iPhone assembly line was installed unnatural and uncomfortable for the workers. But every visitor to the factory was able to observe the process.


5. People are the source of destruction

From the Apple office, he demanded to make the windows closed. Jobs was convinced that ordinary people should not be given the opportunity to discover something, or they can all break down.

The same principle is laid down in the structure of Apple software. According to Jobs, his creations were perfect, and the professionals should not have to spoil them.

Jobs was convinced that ordinary people should not be given the opportunity to discover something, otherwise they may break all.

6. Casting nurses

Even late in life, while in the hospital, he revised 67 nurses before choosing three, which allowed to care for themselves.

When the pulmonologist tried to put on Jobs, which is under the influence of a strong sedative, mask, he picked her, saying that he did not like the design, and asked for five other options.