10 Most Romantic Places In Italy

1. Orange garden on the Aventine

Orange garden AventineSredi hills of Rome Aventine Hill reputed poetry and romance. He sang of the beauty and charm of many Italian poets.




Orange garden – a special place, quite small in size but cozy and with a beautiful panoramic view of Rome. Particularly well here in the sunset hours, when the sun showers the city of gold dust and slowly floating away over the horizon, you can open brought a bottle of wine, talk about love and admire the Eternal Rome.

The Orange Garden (Italian: Giardino degli Aranci) is the name used in Rome to describe the Savello park (Parco Savello). It is about 7,800 square meters and is located on the Aventine Hill. The park offers an excellent view of the city. The garden, as it is today, was designed in 1932 by Raffaele De Vico. It was constructed to offer public access to the view from the side of the hill, creating a new ‘’belvedere’’, to be added to the existing viewpoints in Rome from the Pincian Hill and the Janiculum.

The garden, whose name comes from the many bitter orange trees growing there, extends over the area of an ancient fortress built near the basilica of Santa Sabina by the Savelli family between 1285 and 1287, which, in turn, was built over an old castle constructed by the Crescentii in the tenth century. The garden is bordered by a wall that once surrounded the Savelli castle and other remains of the castle can also be still seen.