Navagio beach in Greece


Translated from the Greek beach is called “Shipwreck,” which can only be reached by swimming. So shipwreck is a two-bay isolated from each other and from the ground paths on the island of Zakynthos.

On the biggest beach is smugglers ship named Panagiotis, surprising as it was so high up on the shore. The beaches are at the bottom of steep cliffs, which offer a dizzying view down.


Whitehaven Beach, White paradise beach in Australia


The beach stretches deep into the Whitsunday Islands on the 7 kilometers, the lagoon just amazing, here turquoise waters cover the white sand, here you can swim on yachts and at the end of the strait can see the beach Hill Inlet.

You can get here in a rented boat or buy a boat tour, visit the beach at any time of the day, beautiful at low tide and in the evening at sunset.

Furore Fjord beach in Italy
 Gorge in the cliffs wonderfully open to tourists, who come here for the first time on a boat all the beauty of this place. A rock thrown a stone bridge, which seems a natural arch.

The rocks in front of a large beach house built by local residents, who wonder blended with local flavor, one of the rocks you can climb up the stairs.