“Rich parents of Instagram”. What do they boast?

In addition to numerous photoblog dedicated to the life of the “rich kids” in the different countries of the world, Instagrame restarted account “rich parents.” It conducts the same user who owns a blog about young wealthy Londoners.

According to the account owner, parents, unlike children, have the right to demonstrate wasteful lifestyle, since they often have earned their money.

In the pictures in Rich Parents Of Instagram blog get exclusive cars, branded items, exotic pets and bills stack.

In April, British The Guardian spoke of the dangers of publishing such images. According to the publication, these photos can give parents neafishiruemye assets “golden youth” scams involve or give rise to a financial investigation.

“Dad I wanted a Lambo not a Ferrari”


“Dad showing off his car..again..”


“when Mom is chasing you”

“Dad’s New car just arrived #porsche918spyder”

“Thought i’d try peasant food”