Home Alone Turns 25: Where Are Macaulay Culkin and His Co-Stars Now?

Today that Home Alone opened in theaters nationwide.

Kevin McCallister became a hero to kids everywhere when his family took off for their Christmas vacation without him—he ate pizza, watched R-rated movies and basically made the most of his grownup-free situation. Just as impressively, though, our precocious hero protected the family home by cleverly (and hilariously) outsmarting two dim-witted burglars known locally as “the Wet Bandits.”



Macaulay Culkin perhaps the most iconic child star of his generation, was just 10 years old when Home Alone hit theaters back in 1990. Funnily enough, the kid who enjoyed “a lovely cheese pizza, just for me” back then still dabbles in that doughy stuff these days professionally—but we digress.

In honor of Home Alone’s 25th anniversary, here’s a look at what Macaulay and the rest of the cast have been up to over the past quarter-century.